HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License ( with 1yr Support on iLO Licensed Features)

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HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License ( with 1yr Support on iLO Licensed Features)

Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is an embedded technology that ships in HPE Servers. It is the core foundation for the intelligence of the HPE Servers. This technology is combination of the iLO ASIC that is part of the server-board and the firmware that powers the ASIC.

iLO is key to make the server operational and boot. It helps simplify server set up, engage health monitoring as well as power and thermal control.

These capabilities are included with the Server at no extra cost (iLO Standard). No installation needed and minimal setup is required.

Industry leading features that enhance server administrator productivity are available through optional licenses. With iLO 5 Firmware version v1.40, the iLO Advanced license will include all licensed features. This new, simplified approach allows customers to have either standard, included features, or upgrade to licensed features that are all available with iLO Advanced.

Currently, when a customer orders a server, the server is shipped with the default iLO password being a randomized string. The randomized string which is the initial password for the iLO is printed on the iLO Default Network Settings Tag. The default password is used for the initial login and is restored when iLO is Reset to Defaults.

Using the randomized password is a security best practice. However, some customers that onboard large numbers of servers view this as an impediment to automation.

Customers who prefer to get their servers with a well-defined or common default iLO password, may now order SKU P08040-B21 along with their servers. Ordering this SKU with the server will instruct the factory NOT to randomize the password and set a HPE defined common password. All customers using this SKU will receive their systems with the same password. Server orders that do not include the SKU P08040-B21 will continue to receive their servers with randomized passwords. This common password will be printed on the iLO Default Network Settings Tag and will be the default password if iLO is Reset to Defaults. HPE highly recommends changing of this password immediately after the initial onboarding process.Customers who want to choose their own custom default password should use the HPE Factory Express Integration Services.

Standard Features

iLO 5 Firmware version v1.40

Features previously requiring an iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition now enabled with an iLO Advanced license
Security Dashboard - Displays the status of important security features, the Overall Security Status for the system, and the current configuration for the Security State and Server Configuration Lock features
One-button Secure Erase via Intelligent Provisioning, designed to decommission/repurpose servers
Support for Gemalto SafeNet and SafeNet AT key managers
Virtual NIC functionality, allowing secure authenticated iLO access from the Operating System
LDAP/Directory settings configurable via Redfish
Firmware Downgrade Policy - Specifies how iLO handles requests to downgrade firmware that you can update through iLO
NVMe wear level display
Ability to edit Maintenance Windows in Firmware & OS Software section
Password complexity rules feature
Enable/disable for overlay video showing Server Health Summary
Server configuration lock enabled via the BIOS
Workload Performance Advisor - Provides server tuning recommendations to improve server performance

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HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License ( with 1yr Support on iLO Licensed Features)

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