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TRUST Omni Ultra Fast PowerBank 10.000mAh with USB-C

Zariadenie:Mobil, Tablet; Druh príslušenstva:Power banky.

Kód produktu317861
Part number21858
EAN produktu8713439218589
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
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28.80 EUR
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34.56 EUR
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Omni Ultra Fast 10000mAh Powerbank with USB-C

Smart 10.000 mAh powerbank with USB, USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 and fast (re-)charging


  • Compatible with tablets and phones from Apple, Samsung & other brands

  • Auto-detects your phone or tablet to charge at highest possible speed

  • Fast-charge devices via USB-C (max 3A/15W) or USB (QC3.0: max 18W; USB: max 2.4A/12W)

  • Fast-recharge the powerbank via USB-C or micro-USB (max 2.4A)

  • 10.000 mAh battery with level indicator

  • Smart Protection System for safe and fast charging

  • Micro-USB and USB-C charge cables included

  • Flashlight function

  • Charges phones for 40 extra hours*; tablets for 15 extra hours*
    * depends on brand/model and battery condition. For indication only


Item No. 21858
EAN 8713439218589
Warranty 2 years
Package contents Powerbank
Micro-USB charge cable
USB-C charge cable
User guide
System Requirements Charger or computer with USB or USB-C port (to charge the battery)
Product size (H x W x D) 138 x 63 x 22mm
Product weight (net) 277 g
Number of USB ports 2
Special features USB-C, QuickCharge 3.0
Flashlight flashlight
Protections over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit
Number of cells 5x2000mAh
Recharge cycles 500
Safe & certified battery yes
Extra usage time - tablets 15 hours
Extra usage time - phones 40 hours
Battery composition Li-ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 10.000 mAh
Input port micro-USB USB-C
Input power 5V/2.4A
Fast re-charging yes
Charging technology USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0, auto-detect
Output specification - Port 1 3.0A/15W, USB-C
Output specification - Port 2 18W, QC 3.0, auto-detect
USB port A types 1
USB port C types 1
Compatible Device Types smartphone, tablet
General compatibility smartphones, tablets & other usb devices

Zariadenie: Tablet
Druh príslušenstva: Power banky
Aktuálna cena produktu je34.56EUR  s dph
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