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HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure, Tree-Phase, 6 Power Supplies, 10 Fans, 16x IC suite Lic.

Typ príslušenstva:Zdroje.

Kód produktu252958
Part number507016-B21
Záruka:12 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobca:Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
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14100 EUR
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11558.43 EUR
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13870.12 EUR
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A BladeSystem c7000 enclosure holds up to 16 server and/or storage blades plus redundant network and storage switches. It includes a shared, multi-terabit high-speed mid-plane for wire-once connectivity of server blades to network and shared storage. Power is delivered through a pooled power backplane that ensures the full capacity of the redundant hot-plug power supplies is available to all blades.

Each c7000 enclosure is built with the following functions:

Up to 16 half-height and/or up to 8 full-height server blades and/or storage blades per enclosure.
Up to 4 different interconnect fabrics (Ethernet, FC, IB, iSCSI, SAS, etc.) supported simultaneously within the enclosure.
Choice of a single-phase, three-phase or a -48V DC power subsystem for flexibility in connecting to datacenter power.
HP Thermal Logic technology for lower power consumption and airflow.
Four (4) or Ten (10) Active Cool 200 fans as standard. For redundancy and improved power consumption and acoustics; additional Active Cool 200 Fan kits can be added for a maximum of 10 fans.
Redundant hot-plug cooling, redundant hot-plug power supplies, redundant connections, redundant interconnect modules, optional redundant Onboard Administrator management modules.
Lowest cost of ownership.
Full AC redundancy - with no power zones.
An Onboard Administrator management module is built in to the enclosure with the following functions:

Robust, multiple enclosure setup and control.
Reports asset and inventory information for the devices in the enclosure.
Reports thermal and power information, including real-time actual power usage per server and per enclosure.
Front-mounted Insight Display for easy management within the datacenter.
Integrated access to all server blade iLOs from a single cable.
Provides integrated access to interconnect bay device management ports from the single Onboard Administrator cable.
Single sign-on capability for all devices in the enclosure
Role-based security locally and/or with LDAP directory services.
Provides a wizard-based initial setup process for easy configuration.
A BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides the following benefits:

With local and remote hardware management integrated across the solution, one full enclosure can be managed as easily as one server.
Scalable: Management and network interconnects extend scalability beyond a single enclosure, allowing resources to be pooled and shared across multiple enclosures.
Investment protection: Accommodates multiple server and network designs in one enclosure.
Lower costs per server, in comparison to rack-mounted servers
Lower power consumption, in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
Lower airflow requirements, in comparison to rack-mounted servers

Typ príslušenstva: Zdroje
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